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Welcome to our website

Principle message Mr. SIDDHARTHA BAGHALA A hearty welcome to ‘SARASWATI SHIKSHAN SADAN (SriGanganagar). Affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Seniour Secondary Ajmer, our school endeavours to inspire and empower our students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society. Students are encouraged to channelise their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student-centred environment.

This organization is stared from year 2001and continues to move forward in the true spirit of ability driven education while sensitising its students to the needs of the community besides inculcating values like integrity, fortitude and acceptance of individual differences. The likelihood of achieving this is strengthened by the fact that we offer an academic program that facilitates an overall development of the human personality in all its dimensions-intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual.

The school will remain indebted to the unstinted cooperation between the parent, who is the first teacher; and the teacher, who is the second parent. Such a bond is essential if the school aims to go beyond simply churning out success stories in examinations. It will be the constant effort of the school to endow its students with sensitivity and empathy that enable them to reach out to the world in effectual service and untold creativity.